Playing With the Luck of the Irish

As the saying goes “the luck of the Irish” preys heavily on the hopes of many people around the UK – not just in Ireland – when it comes to playing the Irish Lottery. For those playing the game, the chance to win a substantial amount of money can be an exciting time, and although it might still be very difficult to pick out those winning numbers, the Irish Lottery provides a greater chance to win than its UK National counterpart. What’s more, the Irish Lottery can be played regardless of whether or not you are Irish, or live in Ireland as it can also be played elsewhere online.

Everyone has had that feeling on those lottery evenings; you’ve had a good day and perhaps feel luck is on your side, and when the weekly lottery draw is approaching there may be a sudden urge to place a hopeful bet on as you never know… this could be your week. There are many reasons as to why people enter the lottery: maybe it’s to improve the chances of going on that luxurious holiday, splashing out on a huge shopping spree, treating your family and closest friends to something special or perhaps even purchasing that dream car. irish lottery results 49s Whatever the reason, the lottery presents an opportunity to make people financially secure – with a little luck, of course!

The lottery that takes place in Ireland is one of the longest established lotteries in Europe, having first begun as far back as 1988. Many regular participants refer to it as the Lotto as it is also often known by this name and has since become a hobby for many individuals in society, often forming part of their weekly routine. The Irish lottery in particular, has the flexibility in that not only can it be played in Ireland but also through the majority of the UK’s bookmaker shops and also online via the Internet, which is beneficial as you can therefore choose the method that fits best with your preferred area of participation as these methods provide an array of bets to hopefully increase your chances of winning. In terms of the number of opportunities for potential success, there are three draws that take place twice per week – on a Wednesday and Saturday evening respectively – which includes a main draw, a 2nd draw and 3rd draw.

The Irish lottery differs from the UK lottery in that there are four less lottery numbers to select from, so with a forty-five ball draw it would be expected to be a little easier to select a winning combination. The Irish Lottery draw is similar to it’s UK National counterpart in that there are a total of six numbers plus a bonus number that are drawn, although depending on whether you choose to play the six number draw or the seven number draw, then the only difference is that the seven number draw can increase the chances of winning by including the bonus ball in your selection. Overall, the odds of winning from the Irish lottery are better with a 6/45 draw, compared to most other lotteries that have a 6/49 draw, and the payout can also be quite substantial from selecting and matching three numbers, should you be able to predict those winning Irish lottery numbers.

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