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Help me decide what movies to rewatch

UPDATE: Voting is closed. Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll. Reviews for the five rewatches are found below.






“Oh wow. This movie I just rented/went to the theater to see was great. I should make sure to buy the DVD. A film as good as this is one I need to have at my beck and call, so I can rewatch it any time I feel like it. I can’t wait to revisit it!”

That inner monologue tends to run through my head fairly often. It’s sound thinking, really. Great movies deserve to be seen again and again. A second viewing can be just as rewarding as the initial one, giving you time to appreciate the subtleties and craftsmanship more now that you’re not as focused on seeing the story unravel.

“I can’t wait to revisit it”. That particular statement is a lie, though. I can very easily wait to revisit them. The proof is the pile of DVDs pictured above, DVDs that normally burn my eyes with shame as they pass over them on the shelf. I like all these films, yet I never seem to find the time to pop them into the DVD player and give them a second whirl. Some of them I bought over three years ago. Granted, some are older favorites that I have indeed watched multiple times back in the days, but the basic problem remains: I’ve spent money on a DVD that I’ve never even opened.

But now I’m doing something about it. The next five films I watch at home will be from this pile, I’ve decided. No rentals, no films borrowed from friends, no nothing. Five will be just the tip of the iceberg, of course, but a start is a start and the pressure needs to be alleviated. Perhaps it will lead to more. Also, I will probably do a little write-up here on the blog on the films I decide to rewatch too.

So, five movies. But which ones? Please take a moment to vote below for the movies you want to see me review next.

What do you think of these films? Are you also a neglectful movie owner? How horrible am i for leaving these films on the shelf for too long? Please leave a comment below.


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