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Blogs I Enjoy: Cinematic Corner, and Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions

It’s time for another edition of Blogs I Enjoy, a feature in which I spotlight a couple of great movie blogs I follow.

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Cinematic Corner is hands down the best-looking movie blog I subscribe to. It’s run by Sati, and she keeps her blog filled with gorgeous graphics, coherent design, and animated GIFs that support her writing rather than distract from it. She goes far beyond just throwing a bunch of screenshots into her posts; rather, every image fully looks as though it belongs alongside everything else. A rare quality. Fortunately, Cinematic Corner is not all flash no substance, as the writing is certainly solid. Sati singles out performances and scenes she loves, writes reviews, and has a slew of other recurring features running. A blog well worth taking a look at. And another.

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If there’s a movie blog out there with a more intriguing name than Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions, it’s certainly not on my radar. This is the home of Mette, self-described “part Dane part German”, who’s a firm devotee of Hindi cinema. As such, you’re likely to hear about films you might not have heard about otherwise if you follow her writing. That’s not all she talks about though; there’s just as much discussion about Hollywood movies, classics, and films from lots of different places in time and space. She has an ongoing project where she’s making her way through the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list, and recently started a blogathon on Oscar snubs with the awesome name The SONSOFBITCHES Snubathon. Mette writes with her own unique voice, and it’s a pleasure to read what she has to say.


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Blogs I Enjoy: And So It Begins and Flickers

It’s time for another edition of Blogs I Enjoy, a feature in which I spotlight a couple of great movie blogs I follow.

And So It Begins is the home of Alex Withrow, a movie-lover who has a real knack for writing. His blog is full of fun and informative content, with plenty of features I enjoy reading. I recently spent some time going through his series called the Directors, in which he’ll go through a director’s entire filmography and offer thoughts on each outing; through this, I found plenty of stuff to add to my rental queue. After all, even highly acclaimed directors like Martin Scorsese have films that aren’t talked about very often. Another feature on And So It Begins that I enjoy is In Character, which singles out the best performances from selected character actors – yet another useful way to discover new movies. Alex also writes reviews, lists, and other cool stuff you expect to find at a film blog.

Flickers recently moved from Blogger to WordPress, and picked up its own domain in the transfer. A new beginning of sorts for blogger Dave, and thus it seems appropriate that he’d get some new readers as well. Like me, Dave keeps a more leisurely pace when it comes to updates compared to most movie bloggers. That’s perfectly fine; real life does get in the way of pastimes every now and then, and it only means that a new post on Flickers feels like a pleasant surprise, or a rare treat. Dave’s taste in films is eerily similar to my own, moreso than any other blogger I’ve encountered, to the point where just an appearance on one of his Best of the Year lists is enough for me to immediately add a film to my rental queue on high priority. He also recently started a promising new series called Junior Film School, where he’ll be introducing his kids to the world of cinema. The first entry on Ghostbusters was a lot of fun, and I’m already looking forward to the next installment. Oh, and he’s a teriffic writer too! One of those people I’m really glad I’ve discovered.

For more wonderful film blogs, check out the Blogroll in the sidebar to the right. They’re all worthy of your attention.


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Blogs I Enjoy: My Filmviews and Southern Vision

It’s time for another edition of Blogs I Enjoy, a feature in which I spotlight a couple of great movie blogs I follow.

First up today is My Filmviews, a teriffic blog run by Nostra. Two things stand out to me about his blog. Number one is the design, which is very elegant and professional-looking. Number two – and more importantly – is the fun and varied content. Nostra has a number of recurring features on his blog. My favorite is probably “The Many Faces of…”, in which he puts together small pictures of an actor’s entire filmography worth of characters. He also invites to discussion at the start of each week with his “The Monday Question” series, and recently held a voted tournament to determine who is the best film villain of all time (spoiler: Darth Vader won). Plus there’s the usual stuff like reviews and such, all wonderfully written.

Southern Vision is an aptly named blog as it takes a look at film from the perspective of a New Zealander named Tyler. He is a prolific reviewer who doesn’t tend to go for the mainstream stuff; he’s more into non-American movies, indies and older films – some of his (many) favorite directors are Michael Haneke, Lars Von Trier, and Robert Bresson. For someone like me whose tastes tend to lean more towards contemporary American fare, Tyler’s writing is both informative and inspiring. More than once have I gotten the urge to venture outside my cinematic comfort zone due to his enthusiastic texts on the films he love. Tyler has real passion for the world of film.

For more wonderful film blogs, check out the Blogroll in the sidebar to the right. They’re all worthy of your attention.


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Blogs I Enjoy: Front Room Cinema and The Velvet Café

Blogging is not something I do in a vacuum. Writing for the sole sake of writing can certainly be admirable, but it’s not what I do. No, to blog is to communicate, and one can’t communicate alone. Well, you can, but it’s kind of weird. Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that the wonderful thing about having a blog is to get comments on what you’ve writting and partaking in discussions that can spring forth from it. Most people who comment here have movie blogs of their own, and I’d like to take this time to highlight two of them that I enjoy following.

First up we have Front Room Cinema, by Scott Lawlor. Scott puts a lot of time and effort into his blogging, both in terms of writing, tinkering with design, reading and commenting on what others have said. His blog has a wide variety of content, from reviews and lists to contests and general musings. He has also found a niche that few others film bloggers really deal much with: in-depth guides and help on how to set up an ideal home cinema. Front Room Cinema is a very fun blog with a very ambitious (and friendly!) manager.

The second one is The Velvet Café, by Jessica. Like myself, she’s a Swede who blogs in English. Her blog focuses mostly on movie reviews, and what makes it great is how she always injects a personal angle in her writing that makes it a joy to read. It’s a style I wish I could use more in my own blog posts, so far with no luck. Good thing The Velvet Café is there to continue to inspire me.

Also check out all the other wonderful bloggers on the Blogroll in the sidebar to the right. They’re all there for a reason and deserve all the attention in the world.


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