Agile Project Management And Big Data

Agile project management is a type of project management tool, which is used in various companies for effectively doing a project. Agile has been proven to be the best in various fields like software, financial services, marketing, and many more. Companies are still experimenting with Agile and are using the project management tool to do projects based on Big Data. How will Agile help the companies in doing projects on Big Data? Below are some ways by which one can use Agile for Big Data projects.


Rapid Experimentation

It is well known that the testing part in big data projects occurs at the end, which makes it impossible for the business executives to view the results. This further leads to unclear expectations, and the business executives have no idea about the process and methods used in the project. If the result is not satisfactory, then the whole project will go into waste.

The agile project management tool breaks down the whole project into several parts. These parts are then completed one by one, and the proper results are shown to the business executives at the end of each part. This helps the people in knowing the details about the project and further change any part which they do not like. The business executives can even help the project team with the project after viewing the results.

The process of rapid experimentation has made it easier for the team to work on big data projects. Agile helps the team in knowing the expectations and the areas which they can change before completing the whole project. It further spares the project from becoming waste.


Early Customer Feedback

The next way in which the Agile management tool can help in big data projects is by ensuring early customer feedback. As Agile uses the customers in the project, it would help the team in knowing the exact vision of the client and what he/she requires of the project. Moreover, the rapid experimentation process even helps the team in getting early feedback from the client and make the necessary changes as per the client’s requirement.

If the client is an external one, then a member from the client’s team is included in the project, whereas if the client is from the company itself, then a member from that department is included. It further helps the person indirectly contact with the client and know what else is required in the project.


People Empowerment

In big data projects, the process of doing a project depends upon the project manager. Here, the project manager distributes the job to the team, and the members are obliged to do the work even if they do not understand the process.

Meanwhile, in the Agile methodology, the team members are divided on various projects at the same time. Due to this, they get more involved in the work and hence the outcome, and the variation is noticed. The agile tool helps the employees in knowing their worth and become more involved in work.


Changing Stakeholders Thinking

The agile project management tool helps in changing the mentality of the stakeholders. Previously the stakeholders were more concerned about the final version of the project. But, as it is clearly known that Agile breaks down the project in various forms and then completes it, the thinking of the stakeholders is slowly changing.

Though the results might not be completely perfect, the outcome proceeds in the direction of the satisfactory result. Due to this, stakeholders are slowly accepting that the projects might have imperfections, but it can still manage to bring a satisfactory result at the end.

These were some of the benefits that a company can get by using Agile methodology in Big Data analytics. Moreover, Agile is one of the most effective project management methods and has been widely accepted by companies from all over the world. BY using this methodology in Big Data Analytics, the company would be able to receive positive results. In addition to that, Agile methodology even helps in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the team members. It helps the team to work faster and produce the results in a short period. Due to the Agile methodology, the team can complete the whole project before the deadline with satisfactory results.

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