Fifty Wishes

23 Apr

John LaRue over at TDYLF recently wrote a fun blog post called Fifty Wishes, which was just that: fifty things he wished for when it came to movies. I really like the idea, so I decided to steal swipe borrow it for a post of my own. Make sure to head over to John’s blog and read the original post as well, though; he’s a great writer.

There may be some mild spoilers for certain movies in this list, but I’ve done my best to limit it to things that are either fairly common knowledge or what can be reasonably expected. Still, if you don’t want to know how Rocky ends, proceed at own peril.

(I’d like to apologize preemptively for any grammar mistakes. I pride myself on having a good grasp of the English language for someone who doesn’t have it as his primary tongue. However, “wish” is a tricky thing grammatically, and while I have tried to look up what verb forms to use, I’ve probably messed up here and there anyway.)

1. I wish Shannyn Sossamon were a major star.

2. I wish David Fincher will find better use for his considerable talent than directing the sequels to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

3. I wish to someday get the chance to see the unreleased Glitterati.

4. I wish I had gotten interested in movies earlier.

5. I wish all films ever made were available through digital distribution all over the world.

6. I wish there were a wider range of theaters around where I live.

7. I wish the story in Nine were as good as some of the song numbers.

8. I wish more screenwriters had the level of imagination that Charlie Kaufman has.

9. I wish I “got” war movies and westerns.

10. I wish Julie Delpy‘s plans to stop acting don’t come into effect before there’s a sequel to Before Sunset.

11. I wish Amélie lives happily ever after.

12. I wish the van full of WWE wrestlers in MacGruber didn’t blow up.

13. I wish there were more great roles for actresses over 40 years old.

14. I wish Revolver made sense.

15. I wish people in real life talked the way Alice, Dan, Anna, and Larry do in Closer.

16. I wish more Marvel movies had as interesting villains as DC Comics movies tend to have.

17. I wish I had not encouraged the producers by seeing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in theater.

18. I wish Nicolas Cage would do crazy roles more often.

19. I wish George Lazenby had done more than one Bond movie.

20. I wish more films would move me the way Grave of the Fireflies does.

21. I wish Heath Ledger hadn’t died.

22. I wish comedies were held in as high regard as dramas.

23. I wish dubbing didn’t exist outside of children’s movies.

24. I wish Thora Birch were in more films.

25. I wish For Your Consideration had been a mockumentary rather than a regular comedy.

26. I wish more films would improve drastically for me on a rewatch, like A History of Violence.

27. I wish I could curse and throw insults like Peter Capaldi‘s Malcolm does in In the Loop.

28. I wish Roger Avary‘s Glamorama turns out to be as great as The Rules of Attraction.

29. I wish someone would be insane enough to try to make a movie based on the book House of Leaves.

30. I wish 3D were always as amazing as it was in Avatar.

31. I wish Ryan Gosling never wants to stop being an actor.

32. I wish I could have a mogwai as a pet.

33. I wish Vinnie Jones had never done Mean Machine and tarnished his badass image in my eyes.

34. I wish Jason Statham would be in one of Guy Ritchie‘s Sherlock Holmes movies.

35. I wish more modern horror films would be as terrifying as Roman Polanski‘s Apartment trilogy.

36. I wish I had gotten to see The Way Back in theater.

37. I wish MPAA and similar organizations/systems didn’t have any effect on movie-making.

38. I wish all the noise and rumors on Ghostbusters 3 would just stop unless they officially decide to do the movie.

39. I wish I could see what others see in The Double Life of Veronique.

40. I wish Monty Python and the Holy Grail had a different ending.

41. I wish Rob Reiner were still as great as he was in the 80s.

42. I wish Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection hadn’t been Alien movies.

43. I wish Rocky had knocked Apollo the fuck out.

44. I wish I could erase all memories of Memento so I could relive the experience of watching it for the first time again.

45. I wish I could taste some of the pies in Waitress.

46. I wish more people would see Unknown White Male.

47. I wish more directors would utilize music as well as Spike Lee does.

48. I wish the real world allowed for people to be as unselfish as the townsfolk in Lars and the Real Girl.

49. I wish more musical movies were being made.

50. I wish to one day see a film I like even better than my current favorite Lost in Translation.

What do you wish for movie-wise?


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13 responses to “Fifty Wishes

  1. Nostra

    23 April, 2012 at 17:03

    With you on the Before Sunset one!You wish Nicolas Cage would do more crazy roles? I think lately most of them have been ;) Haha, I wish i could curse like Malcolm as well!
    Having a mogwai as a pet I wouldn’t be able to sleep, just one small accident and you’ve got big problems (just rewatched the first Gremlins this weekend).
    I probably would have tons of wishes, but currently I wish I had more time to go see movies at the cinema. It’s very hard to find the time with such a busy household.

    • Emil

      23 April, 2012 at 17:16

      To me, it just seems that for every crazy Cage role, there are two or three humdrum action-thrillers where he’s just sort of subdued. That’s not the Cage I want!

      I’d say the cuteness of mogwai outweighs any potential risks. Though I AM worred about just when I’m supposed to be feeding him. I’ll demand that the person I buy it from clearly explains the rules there…

      • Nostra

        23 April, 2012 at 17:22

        Yeah, those rules should be very detailed. What if you take him with you to another continent. Will you have to change the feeding times according to the time zone or will it still be on the time you bought it at? Would it be allowed to eat ice cream (since that can melt and turn into something that can make them wet)? The guy that sells it should have an on call number!

        • Emil

          23 April, 2012 at 17:29

          Of course, if it were the same vendor as the one in the movies, I’d be more concerned if he even owned a telephone at all.

          • Nostra

            23 April, 2012 at 17:31

            Well, chances are that he’s passed away by now and that the kid in that store took over, he surely must have a phone!

            • Emil

              23 April, 2012 at 17:38

              So now we just need him to stock up on mogwai! Excellent!

  2. Pete

    23 April, 2012 at 17:36

    Great post! I’m very much with you on 2, 21, 44 and 48 and many more but those four the most!

    • Emil

      23 April, 2012 at 17:39

      Thank you for the kind words, Pete! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Bubbawheat

    23 April, 2012 at 23:07

    Here’s some of mine inspired by some of yours. Love the list.

    16b. I wish more DC movies had as interesting heroes as Marvel has.
    37b. I wish all the and rumors on Sin City 2 would just stop unless they officially start filming the movie.
    40b. I wish Hulk had a different ending.
    45b. I don’t want to taste any of the food in Waiting.
    46b. I wish more people would see Robot Carnival.

    • Emil

      23 April, 2012 at 23:28

      I was actually thinking of adding your 16b to my original list when I wrote it, but decided against it for some reason. Now I wish I hadn’t.

      Sin City 2 has been officially announced now at least, with a release date and everything I believe. But yeah, there was too much rumors about that one too for a while.

      Amen to 45b!

      And just because, I’ll add Robot Carnival to my watch list. I’m no genie, but that’s one part of a wish I’m able to grant, at least. I’m glad you enjoyed the list!

      • Bubbawheat

        23 April, 2012 at 23:42

        good luck finding it, it’s a rare one!

  4. sati

    24 April, 2012 at 01:42

    “27. I wish I could curse and throw insults like Peter Capaldi‘s Malcolm does in In the Loop.” LOVE this one! And Statham in Holmes would be fantastic!

    • Emil

      24 April, 2012 at 08:24

      There are so many great lines from In the Loop, but you can’t really use any of them in normal conversations because you’d just sound like an ass. Would be cool if you could get away with it, though.


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