50 DMC Day 50 – Favorite black-and-white film

16 Jul

More info on The 50 Day Movie Challenge here and here.

Repulsion is one of the finest horror films ever made. The sense of dread and decay (both physical and mental) is highly potent and never fails to give me the chills. The lack of color only emphasises the tension. It’s a very beautifully shot film, with the always stunning Catherine Deneuve in an awesome and eerie lead performance. Roman Polanski has rarely been better. You can read more thoughts of mine on this great film in this post I wrote about women-going-mad movies.


And thus, we’ve reached the end of The 50 Day Movie Challenge. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this thing, especially hunting around for clips to use and being reminded of why I love certain films so much. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well. As for what’s next on this blog, I don’t know. I have nothing in particular planned, so we’ll see what happens. I wouldn’t expect any daily updates or anything, but hopefully I’ll come up with something to write about every now and then.

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Posted by on 16 July, 2011 in 50 Day Movie Challenge


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