50DMC Day 38 – Movie world you would most want to live in

04 Jul

More info on The 50 Day Movie Challenge here and here.

My first instinct was to say Narnia. I’ve been in love with that world since I first read the books as a kid, and the newer movies do a great job of bringing it to life. Plus, the worst thing that happens is that you get visited by Tilda Swinton. Sounds pretty swell. But if I let my brain have its say, I know I’d get bored eventually in any fantasy setting. I’m too used to all the comforts and possibilities that technology brings, and I don’t see Aslan inventing the internet anytime soon.

So let’s go forward instead. The future depicted in Back to the Future 2 always struck me as a cool place. Sure, all the lights and colors and 3D shark ads would take some getting used to, but technology has certainly progressed and people don’t seem unhappy or oppressed as in many movies with similar settings (at least not more than the real world). And, of course: hoverboards.

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Posted by on 4 July, 2011 in 50 Day Movie Challenge


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