50DMC Day 33 – Favorite remake

29 Jun

More info on The 50 Day Movie Challenge here and here.

Jandy over at Jandy’s Meanderings has also started on the Challenge now. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what she picks, and so should you. Head on over there and have a look.

Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky sounds about right for my pick today. A remake of the Spanish movie Open Your Eyes (Abre los ojos), it’s a very fun mystery thriller that kept me guessing all the way through. It also features a great cast of actors all operating at the top of their game, including Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and most notably Penelope Cruz who reprises her role from the original (and who completely slipped my mind when I did the Biggest movie character crush thing a while ago).

Sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to check out the original yet. I’ve been wanting to ever since I saw Vanilla Sky, but it has proven hard to find on DVD around these parts. People who have seen both seem to prefer Open Your Eyes, so maybe I will find the remake lacking when I finally do come across the original. Time will tell. For now, it’s a great film.

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