50DMC Day 17 – The funniest movie you’ve ever seen

13 Jun

More info on The 50 Day Movie Challenge here and here.

How does one quantify “funny” when it comes to movies? Is the funniest movie the one that you keep laughing at every time you see it? Or is it the one that had you howling with laughter the first time you saw it? I’ll go with the latter. And if I’m doing that, I’d be lying if I said the answer was anything but Superbad, a movie that made me laugh harder than any other. There’s some terrific comedic timing going on between the three leads: Jonah Hill as the agressive loudmouth, Michael Cera as his awkard-but-kind BFF (before he beat the awkward schtick to death) and of course the debuting Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fogel, just as awkward as Cera but trying to cover it up with the world’s least convincing tough-guy/ladykiller facade. Add in Bill Hader and Seth Rogen supporting as a pair of painfully incompetent cops, and you have comedy gold. Superbad is a great film.


What movie do you consider the funniest? Please leave a comment.

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