50DMC Day 16 – The scariest movie you’ve ever seen

12 Jun

More info on The 50 Day Movie Challenge here and here.

More than all other kinds of movies, the enjoyment one gets from a horror flick greatly depends on the circumstances around watching it. A movie that freaks you out when you watch it alone can be rendered harmless if watched with a group of friends, and vice versa. Even when looking up clips on Youtube to use for this post, the movie I’ve chosen doesn’t seem nearly threatening enough to warrant this spot.

But I remember. I remember being a teen. I remember my parents going away for the weekend and me being alone in the house. I rented some movies to pass the time, one of them being The Blair Witch Project. And since it was horror, I saved it for last during the night. Must have been around midnight. And yes, it sure as hell worked to have me completely shaken by the end of it. All alone at night in a house a little way out in the countryside were the perfect circumstances for this film. I don’t think I slept much that night.

Merely watching Youtube clips of the young film-makers bumbling around a supposedly haunted forrest and screaming a lot while the camera shakes can indeed make the movie seem laughable. Would I have seen it for the first time now as an adult, I doubt it would have much of an effect on me. The circumstances would be all wrong.

But I remember.

What’s your pick? Leave a comment!

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