50DMC Day 8 – Your favorite opening sequence

04 Jun

More info on The 50 Day Movie Challenge here and here.

Today’s challenge is made harder than it shold be due to the fact that it’s hard to find an appropriate video clip. When you just need to name a movie, you can just pick any clip or trailer from it and call it a day. Obviously, that’s not the case today. I’d actually really like to showcase the movie Thirteen here. Its opening with two 13-year old girls doing drugs and punching each other in the face is a superb attention-catcher. Sadly, I can’t find said scene online. I ran into the same problem with Aguirre (an expedition’s struggle to move down a mountain) and Mission Impossible 3 (the tense confrontation between Tom Cruise and Philip Seymour Hoffman). Great openings, but not available online.

So let’s go with The Dark Knight and its bank robbery scene. It kicks the movie off with a high-paced bang and introduces us to the nature of the Joker as he plays all his partners-in-crime against one another. The fact that he ends up with all the loot himself is just a bonus. It’s the chaos he sows that’s the true goal for him. Bonus points for the William Fichtner cameo as the shotty-toting bank manager.

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