The blog begins

30 May

Hello and welcome to A Swede Talks Movies!

As you might infer from the name, this will be a place for me (who is a Swede) to talk about movies. I’ve previously had a few movie blogs in my native language, but this will be my first proper forray into the English-language blogosphere.

So what can you expect from this place? Well, to be perfectly honest: probably not a lot. I’m not planning on running any real long-term schedule as far as updates go. If I think of something I want to write about, I’ll do it. If that happens twice a day, then so be it. If it doesn’t happen for a a couple of months, then so be that instead. There will probably be somewhat frequent updates at first, though. A project is in the works, you see. More on that tomorrow.

I’ll probably use this as a place to contribute to various blog memes and blogathons (ugly terms but fun things). Various lists and stuff perhaps. There probably won’t be any straight-up film reviews here, though. Or maybe there will. We’ll see.

While the title might be A Swede Talks Movies, it’s no fun to talk to oneself all the time. There’s nothing more fun as a blogger than to get feedback and comments on the things you have to say, so I’m hoping to be hearing from you readers a lot. Don’t be shy to speak your minds. I’m a thick-skinned Swedish viking. I can handle it.

Also, I’m still tinkering with the look of the blog, so even if it hurts your eyes to look at its ugly state at the moment, please do check back in a few days or so. Maybe it will be way prettier then.

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