50DMC Day 2 – The first movie you remember seeing in theatres

30 May

More info on The 50 Day Movie Challenge here.

(Still playing catch-up…)

The earliest movie I recall seeing in theaters is an animated Tintin film. There seems to be a couple of different versions of the one I’m thinking of, but this Tintin and the Temple of the Sun seems to be the one.

I grew up on old Franco-Belgian comic books like Asterix, Lucky Luke and, of course, Tintin. They most certainly played a part in me learning to read. They all brought something different to the table. Lucky Luke was just really funny, and Asterix had memorable characters and lots of clever wordplay that I learned to appreciate more as the years went by. But Tintin was the one with the great adventures. The titular hero was just a regular guy who ended up exploring all corners of the world and beyond. There was always a sense of wonder and awe to the Tintin comics, and often danger too. You always knew that Asterix could drink his potion and beat up all the evil Romans, and Lucky Luke was the fastest gun-slinger in the West so he’d always be fine too. But Tintin? He was just a young man with no special powers or skills. Anything could happen, it felt like. I guess that was part of the appeal.

As for the film I saw in theaters, I don’t remember anything about it nowadays. I can recall the particular books it was based on (The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners Of The Sun), so the plot I know through that. But whether it’s a faithful adaptation or not and if I liked it or not… no idea.

Hard to find any appropriate clips of the thing on Youtube, but here’s a fan-made video using photage from the second half of it, it seems.

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